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Muddyfox 16 inch bike

Searching For A New Bike For Your Child. Get Your Common Questions Answered.

Why Should You Buy The Bigfoot



16″ Alloy Wheels

Front & Rear Brakes

Street Tyres



Customer Satisfaction

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Common Questions

Twenty Four Common Questions Answered

Why Should You Buy A Bike For Your Child?


Cycling outdoors is fun, exciting, helps keep your child fit, healthy and is a great way to spend some quality time together. We have put a list together on why buying the Muddyfox 16 inch bike is a good idea.




Regular exercise is a great way of burning off extra calories and staying health. In addition, encouraging your child to use cycle using the Muddyfox 16 inch bike will hopefully encourage them to have an active life when they get older. where are muddyfox 

One of the main benefits of cycling is that helps build the core muscles, stamina and leg muscles. Cycling is one of the safest forms of exercise for growing children. When you cycle the heart rate increases and the cardiovascular muscles are exercised that helps the child keep their weight in check. are muddyfox bikes any good?

Cycling Benefits


Family Time


The Muddyfox 16 inch bike can be used for family outings, riding to school or around the local park.


Happy Child


Having fun on your Muddyfox 16 inch bike is a great way to improve your child’s mood and is a great way to distract them if they have had a touch day. If the child seems a little down, a ride on their brand new Muddyfox 16 inch bike will help put a smile back on their face. Research by the Mental Health Foundation found that physical activity improves a child’s mental alertness and helps reduce their stress and anxiety.




Cycling is an affordable hobby, purchasing the Muddyfox 16 inch bike can save you money in the long run. Going on family bike rides is an inexpensive way of spending your weekends as a family and can also save you money in the long run.


Family time


A day out cycling is a great way to spend some quality family time with your family. Picking a scenic route with a picnic at your local park is a great way to spend some quality time with your family and build memories that will hopefully last a life time.

Get your child to take a break from their favourite TV shows and computer games is becoming increasing difficulty, investing in the Muddyfox 16 inch bike will be a good way of encouraging your child and yourself to go out and explore your local surroundings. Pros and cons of cycling.


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What Will Your Child Get From Cycling?




By your child learning to ride their brand Muddyfox 16 inch bike is a brilliant way for them to take their first few steps into becoming more independent. Cycling to their friend’s house, down to the local park or shop is a good way to boost their confident and independence.




No matter our age cycling is fun. Your child will be sure to have plenty of hours of fun cycling around their local community. Racing around the street on their Muddyfox 16 inch bike, exploring the local area will give your child a way of having fun the old fashioned way. Don’t be surprised if your child wants to spend a lot of their spare time on their brand new bike.

Child Safety


Once you have purchased your brand new Muddyfox 16-inch bike. You need to think about your child’s safety. If your child is just starting to build their confidence up in riding their bike then ensuring that they feel safe while riding is important to make sure they feel comfortable and look forward to the next time they go on the next bike ride.

Properly Fitted Helmet


Research has shown that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of having a serious injury by forty percent. Shockingly only half of children under the age of fourteen wear a helmet.

The best helmet in the world is no good, if once your back is turned your child is not wearing it.

Make sure your child has a say in picking their helmet so they will be happy wearing it. Once you have picked the bike helmet, you need to make sure the helmet fits the child correctly.


Features & Benefits

Muddyfox Bigfoot Kids Fat Bike



Thinking about buying a new bike for your child and need some of the most common questions answered. We take a look at the muddyfox 16 inch bike. Muddyfox are a well-known English bike brand who have plenty of experience in designing good quality bikes. You may like to read our article on are muddyfox bikes any good?

Steel BMX Frame


The mudddyfox inch 16 bike comes with a solid and durable bike frame that offers the child plenty of support while they ride. Steel is a tough material that is designed to withstand the odd minor bump or scrap. Muddyfox have equipped the Muddyfox Bigfoot with a lightweight BMX frame.


Street Tyres


The Bigfoot comes with an impressive set of street tyres that offers the rider a lot of grip while they learn to master their riding skills.

Having a set of good quality tires will definitely boost your child’s confidence as the fat tires will offer a lot of extra support rather than traditional tires.

In addition, the street tires come in a set of 16” alloy wheels that will be sure to give your child the cool kid on the street statues. Don’t be surprised if you get other parents asking where you bought the bike from.


Front & Rear V Brakes


Muddyfox have equipped the muddyfox 16 inch bike with a set of front and rear V brakes. V brakes are designed to allow the rider to control the bike much easier with a lot less effort. The child will be able to perform an emergency stop a lot easier.

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  • Features – 97%
  • Value For Money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” I Can’t Wait To Surprise My Son With The Muddyfox Bigfoot.|” Sylvia

Customer Satisfaction


I purchased the Muddyfox hybrid bike for my husband for his birthday as he has been thinking about buying a bike for a while now.

The Tempo 200 arrived quickly and it only took my partner and his friend twenty minutes to assemble.

Once you have assembled the bike go on a small test run to make sure your happy with the bike. My husband is happy with the build quality and is over the moon with how easy it is to change the gears on the bike.

The Muddyfox Tempo 200 bike is used for commuting to work and my husband is saving a lot of money on not having to pay for petrol or parking fees.

Commuting regularly is helping my husband improve his fitness level and he is even thinking about cancelling his gym membership.

Common Questions


What is the leg requirements?

28 -34 inchs for the 20 inch frame and 30-36 inch for the 22 frame.


Is the Aluminium frame light?

Yes, the Muddyfox Tempo Hybrid bike frame is lightweight.


How many gears does the mudyfox hybrid bike come with?

An impressive 21 Shimano gears.


Does the Muddyfo Tempo 200 need assembling?

The Tempo 200 does need to assembled. A helpful and informative instruction manuel is provided.


What colour does the bike come in?

Black and Orange.


Health Benefits


Cycling is a low form of exercise and is a great way for a rider to build up your fitness levels at their own pace. Regular exercise is a great way to help keep in shape and is commonly advised by health professionals as it is a form of running without the weight bearing. In addition, exercise has been known not to only help an individual’s physical health but also their mental health.

Regular exercise can be a great way for an individual to forget about the stress’s that life can sometimes bring.

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Why Do You Need The Bike?


The most important question a rider needs to ask themselves, is what do they intend to be using the bike for?

Think about the activities a rider is intending to use the bike for. Will they be using the bike for commuting to work, mountain biking or for using with a local cycling club.

Once they have identified what they will be using the bike for; they need to think about the type of terrain the will be travelling on.


Road Bike: Designed with lightweight frame, aero dynamic frame with thin tires that are designed specifically for flat surface or roads.

The rider will be able to travel comfortably for long periods of time and is ideal for using with a local cycling club.


Mountain Bikes: Have been deigned to be tough and durable across off road terrain and are ideal for a rider thinking about exploring their local mountain bike trails.

Designed with hard wearing tires and a hard-wearing frame that can withstand the odd minor bump or scrap.


Hybrid Bikes. Combines characteristics from both road and mountain bikes that gives the rider versatility and is ideal for when the rider wants to use the bike for a variety of activities and is one of the most common bikes used for commuting in the city.

If you want to have a multipurpose built bike then the Muddyfox hybrid bike is a great option.


Related Questions


Do you want to priority quality or affordability?


Do you need a bike lock if your locking your bike on the street? Read our article on the popular guard bike lock.


What is your budget for buying the bike?



What Can I use The Hybrid For?


The Muddyfox hybrid bike is ideal for taking around town, touring and using in the rainy season. A hybrid bike is designed to be used for multiple purposes for the commute to work Monday to Friday and touring at the weekends.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a bike that is affordable, a good way to enjoy some fresh air and can be used for running some errands. The muddufox Tempo 200 hybrid bike is fun to ride and is easy to use. You would be silly not consider the Temp 200 as an option.

Hybrid bikes are one of the most common forms of bikes used around cities and with advances in technology has seen the hybrid bikes being designed with lighter frames and being more responsive.

The Muddyfox hybrid bike is a versatile bike that is lightweight and will allow the rider to pedal easier than a comfort bike.

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