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Sheng milo Mx01 

Thinking About Buying The Mx01. We Look Take A Look At The Sheng Milo Electric Bike

Why Should You Buy The MX01



Aluminium Frame

Fat Tyres

Powerful Battery 





Four Star Customer Rating 


Common Questions

Some Really Good Customer Testimonals.

Mx01 Sheng milo Electric Bike


We take a look at the main reasons why you should buy a Sheng milo, the benefits of the owning a fat bike, and the best features of the MX01.


Why Should You Buy A Sheng milo




Sheng milo pride themselves in only manufacturing good quality electric bikes that are fun to ride.

All Sheng milo bikes are tested to be able to withstand all the practical situations that you will find yourself in.

Sheng milos goal is to offer a first-class riding experience that encourages you to commute more often on the Mx01 Sheng milo electric bike.




Sheng milo make sure they always use the most up to date technology and innovative processes to offer you a powerful commute. 

Having an electric bike with the most up to date technology will allow you to commute much further with more ease.  

The Mx01 Sheng milo electric bike comes equipped with a 1000W battery that lets you reach speeds really quickly.




The research and development at Sheng milo make sure that all the materials and components used on the Mx01 Sheng milo electric bike are tested for their durability and strength.  electric bike guide.

Sheng milo only use the finest materials to make sure you get an electric bike you are proud own.


Customer Service


Sheng milo haven open door policy and encourage customer to get in touch, if they have any questions that will assist them in purchasing the best electric bike for their personal needs.

They will try and respond to enquires as responsible possible and are happy to help customer looking for replacement’s parts. 

They competition for electric bikes is fierce. Sheng milo design bikes that are designed to last and exceed expectation. Read Jacks experience in the battle of the bowl.

 Next, the Mx01 article will look at the benefits of fat tires. Find out about the Pros and Cons of Mountain Biking.


Why Choose Fat Tires.


The popularity of electric bikes has grown massively. One of the main benefits of electric bikes is that it allows you to tackle a variety of terrain that you didn’t think possible.

Fat tire bikes can be ridden sand, snow and mud comfortable.  Riding an electric bike with fat tires looks a lot cooler than a bike with traditional tires.  How to corner on a mountain bike.

Sheng milo bikes offer brilliant value for money. The savings in the production costs by Sheng milo are passed on the customer.




One of the main advantages of Mx01 Sheng milo electric bike fat tires is that it allows you to have more confidence in riding on different types of terrain. 

The large tires give you more traction that allows you to have more control.   Read about the How to Ride A Technical Mountain Bike Trail.




One of the most important factors of the Mx01 Sheng milo electric is that it’s fun to ride.  For those people that have not ridden fat tire bikes before.

They will offer a different riding experience than a traditional bike. Fat bikes give you the option to ride at a slow or a fast pace.  Riding downhill




Sheng milo have equipped the Mx01 Sheng milo electric bike with an impressive set of 26” set of fat tires.

The large volume pressure tires act as shock absorbers that help absorb the bumps of going over uneven terrain.

Allowing you to ride much more comfortably, and is a brilliant way of reducing the stress on your back.


Are Fat bikes hard to Ride?


A common question asked when buying a fat bike. The Answers is no. The Mx01 Sheng milo electric bike is relatively easy to ride because of the fat tires.

The powerful 1000w battery gives you the added boost to allow you to adjust the intensity of the commute to your personal preference.

The majority of electric bike owners tend to choose a higher assist mode on the outward journey so they reach their destination fresh.

However, on the return journey they switch on a lower assist mode in order to get a good work out. Read about making your mountain bike faster.



Mx01 Plus Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**



Sheng milo are well known for manufacturing electric bikes that offer brilliant value for money, that are made from the finest materials and components. 

The research and design team at Sheng milo pay close attention to cycling enthusiast’s visual appetite to make sure all their bikes are visually pleasing. Sheng milo use strong, bright and distinctive colours. Easy recognisable


Brushless Motor


Sheng milo have equipped the MX01 with a powerful 1000w motor. The speed function is between 20 KM/H to 40 km/h, lasts around 60-90 KM with pedal assist, and battery charge time is around 5-7 hours. 

Riding an electric bike is a little bit different to a traditional bike as its more powerful. The acceleration, brakes and handling are much sharper. Spend time getting used to handling the MX01 with increased power. To make sure you can use they electric bike safely.

There are three pedal modes. Pedal assist mode, full electric mode and no assistance.  The Mx01 Sheng milo electric bike comes with a strong and durable 6061 aluminium frame.

Having a good quality solid bike frame will offer plenty of protection in the event of a minor bump or a scrap.

Sheng Milo have tested the aluminium frame with over 100.000 vibration tests, and 3 years of practical and robust tests.

The 3.50-inch LCD dispay allows you to feel fully engaged with the bike, displaying the speed, distance travelled, possible faults, and battery level.

Don’t forget to charge the battery after every commute. Where possible never let the battery run dry.

A hydraulic braking system allows you to easily control the electric bike. The main benefit of hydraulic brakes is that they allow you to control the bike with less braking power. Allowing you to out manoeuvre any sticky situation quickly and safely..


Fat Tires


Owning a bike with a set of good quality 26-inch fat tyres will allow you to ride on a variety of terrain that include snow, sand, rock and mud. 

Fat tires offer really good traction on tough terrain and will allow you to take the Sheng milo places that you didn’t think possible.

  • Features – 90%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 94%

Why Should You Buy The Mx01


Folding Mechanism


The Mx01 Sheng milo electric bike has a folding mechanism. Owning an electric bike that can be easily and quickly folded up. Easy to transport. Highly practical and ideal for saving space where space is limited.   Read about the pros and cons of folding bikes.


Saving Money


After the initial investment of buying the MX01. You can take advantage of a variety of financial saving.

The average cost of travelling a mile on an electric bike costs around forty pence. While travelling on an electric bike costs around eight pence. 

You will also find yourself saving money on parking fees.  Spending your time cycling with your family and friends is a rather inexpensive way of spending your weekends.


Social Life


There is no other better feeling than spending time with people that share your passion. Owning the MX01 will allow you to fully get involved in mountain biking community.

A lot of local groups can be found online or on Facebook.  Spending your weekend exploring a new trail is not only goof for your health; put can be brilliant for your mental health too.


Health & Mental Benefits


Cycling on a regular basis has many health benefits; not only physically benefits but also mental benefits.  Commuting on the Mx01 Sheng milo electric bike is a great way to improve your fitness level and lose a few extra calories. 

Electric bikes offer individuals that may have not exercised regularly for some time, the opportunity to build up their own stamina pace.  

Feel good endorphins are realised when you exercise, helping to boost your mood and allowing you a form of escapism from negative thoughts.

There is no other feeling than improving your physical physique.  Family and friends commenting on your new look, is a brilliant way to boost self-esteem and confidence.

Commuting on the Mx0l Sheng milo electric bike is a really good way of getting fit without even thinking about it. You may find yourself getting rid of your gym membership. We will now look at the best features of the Mx01 Sheng milo electric. Read our Big Mountain biking guide.




There has been a big push for individuals to reduce their own carbon foot print. Travelling less by car and on public transport will lessen the amount of carbon emissions been emitted.   

The environment benefits of commuting by electric bike has caused them to increase in popularity. People love to know they are having a positive impact on the environment.   We hope you have enjoyed the article on the Sheng milo Mx01. Please support our website by sharing the review.  Get answers to the most common electric bike questions. 

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