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Ancheer 36v 250w electric bike

Searching for more information on the ancheer electric bike. We look at the best features and the drawbacks. 

Why Should You Buy The Ancheer

Here Are The Top 3 Things To Consider When Buying A Road Bike



250W electric motor

Mechanical brakes

21 Gears


Customer Testimonals

An Eye Watering 97 Customer Testimonals 


Common Questions

Sixty Common Questions Answered. 

Is Ancheer 36v 250w electric bike  any good?


Electric bikes or e-bikes are one of the best gifts given by advancing technology. Since its first invention, many companies across the world have started manufacturing e-bikes by adding the latest technology and features.


One of those brands is Ancheer. The Ancheer E-Bike is an excellent choice. The quality is excellent, and it will not jeopardize your driving safety.


The company ensures that each bike it sells is built to the highest standards. Ancheer’s reputation as a reliable organization means that quality is always a top priority. are ancheer bikes good?




Ancheer is a privately held company that was founded in 2008. Ancheer is a well-known distributor of high-quality health and fitness products.


The company has been in operation for over a decade and is now able to take on the task of selling electric bicycles.


The business aspires to revolutionize the industry by offering high-quality, long-lasting bicycles made with cutting-edge technology. Ancheer wishes to demonstrate their ability to create something new regularly.


As a distributor, Ancheer has tested and investigated a variety of bikes and brands. After conducting studies, it was discovered that the majority of e-bikes are made of high carbon steel or aluminum alloy. Check out our electric bike guide.


Despite the lightweight materials, the e-bike can still provide a safe and comfortable ride. The e-bikes are designed to be extremely powerful, durable, and resilient. Ancheer wants to show that they can make something “different” to stand out regularly! 

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Why buy an e-bike?


Electric bicycles, on the other hand, have many of the same advantages as conventional bicycles, such as cost savings, better health, and community connection.

The real benefit of e-bikes is their efficiency in climbing hills or battling the wind, as well as their increased mobility Electric bikes, for example, will revitalize the sport of cycling if you suffer from knee pain or exercise-induced asthma. Pros and cons of cycling


Many of the roadblocks and difficulties that people face with conventional pedal-powered cycles are eliminated with electric bikes, making it easier and efficient for many people to have an astounding experience. Cycling on community paths, away from the traffic, has never felt so good and safe. can you ride an e bike in the rain?


How far can an electric bike go?


The range of an electric bike refers to how far it can go on a single charge. In most cases, the package that your e-bike came in specifies how far it will go on a single charge but some other factors can decide it too. how to climb a hill on an electric bike

Level of assistance you are using

How hard you are pedaling

How fast you are going

Your terrains

The tire’s pressure

The weight e-bike has to bear (including your weight and the luggage)

Type of battery and motor you are using


Keeping all these factors in mind, you would know how long your bike can go on one charge. Furthermore, Electric bicycles can reportedly travel 350-400 kilometers on a single charge. 3kW batteries are usually used in such e-bikes. Standard e-bikes with 400-500W batteries will travel 100-120 kilometers on a single charge. Simple city e-bikes will typically cover 50-60 kilometers on a single charge. are electric bikes any good?

Are e-bikes faster than regular bikes?


Today’s e-bikes are usually speed-governed, which means that once they reach a certain speed, the power-assist stops working. However, some provide a lot of power assistance while staying within the regulated cap. According to some reports, e-bikes are quicker on average than traditional bicycles, but they are still well within the design standards of the given e-bike. road bike vs mountain bike


Can I ride an e-bike in the rain?


Regardless of the weather, electric bikes are highly reliable. Many are not only water-resistant, but they would also give you a complete sense of protection, security, and relative comfort on your trip.

The engine, battery pack, monitor, and connection points on an electric bike are all cleverly built with closed units to accommodate wet weather and the normal splashes of water that come with riding in the rain. Since most electric bikes are water-resistant rather than waterproof, it’s a good idea to stay away from heavily flooded streets, streams, and deep puddles that might drench your bike’s electrical components.

It’s fine to ride most e-bikes in the rain. Make sure your e-bike is approved for riding in the rain by checking with the manufacturer.


How to ride an e-bike safely?


To ensure their safety, riders interested in shifting to an electric bicycle should learn how to handle this new type of bicycle. E-bikes are typically much heavier than standard commuter bikes, have faster top speeds, and make normally manageable corners and obstacles more dangerous. Some of the factors that are needed to be kept in mind are: are electric bikes good for commuting.



Any cyclist should be aware of traffic flow, but it is especially important when riding an e-bike. Drivers can not anticipate a bicycle traveling at 20 mph on the road, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations.


Make yourself visible

Part of the problem with traffic is that drivers aren’t trained to spot bikes gliding by with an additional 200 watts of electricity. Have a light and a bell on your bike to make sure you’re seen. You may be going too fast for pedestrians or other cyclists who won’t notice you coming unless you give them a friendly warning.


Mount and dismount carefully

Make sure the frame you purchase is easy to get on and off. Mounts and dismounts are where many accidents occur for certain e-bike users with mobility problems. It happens because e-bikes are heavier than regular non-e-bikes.


Make sure that your battery is fully charged

You can ride an electric bike like a regular bike by simply pedaling forward. The additional power of electric assistance is provided by the battery and motor, making an electric bike an electric bike.


Other measures:

Other measures that are needed to be taken while riding an e-bike are:

Wear a helmet and take a water bottle with you

Always check the tire pressure before going out

Take an emergency kit with you

Maintain tractions at all the time


Moving on to the detailed specifications of the Ancheer 36v 250w electric bicycle.

Ancheer 36v 250w electric bicycle


High-quality material


The Ancheer 36v 250w electric bicycle has a 100 percent aluminum alloy frame, a high-strength carbon steel front fork with premium comfort shock absorption, and a 26-inch double-layer aluminum alloy wheel.


That makes it durable and trustworthy for long rides so you can go on longer rides without worrying about it breaking down.




This electric bike consists of front and rear disc brakes. Your protection is completely assured by the right brakes. Disc brakes have more stopping power, which is advantageous on long descents.


 It does not heat the rim, which has been known to cause tire blowouts when rim brakes are used on long descents. It also allows for more precise braking, reducing the likelihood of wheel lockup.


So, you will have total control over this Ancheer 36v 250w electric bicycle.

Also included are a horn and a bright LED headlamp for night riding.


Battery and motor


This bike’s 36V, 8AH Ion lithium battery is detachable. You can ride up to 25 km/h on the bike fitted with a smart lithium battery charger.


Brushless gear motors with a 250W output easily assist you in exceeding the 15mph speed limit on the lane.


The custom battery pack’s 36V, 8AH Ion lithium battery fits neatly into the downtube and can be charged on or off the bike.


With the addition of a smart lithium battery charger, you can travel for up to 25 kilometers. It charges quickly thanks to the Easy Charge Port System.


Meter options


You can choose between LOW, MID, and HIGH three meter operations. By pressing the M key, you can easily adjust.




This Ancheer electric bike has a 21-speed Shimano gear system. Personal preference plays a role in selecting the appropriate gear.


Choose a set of gear that you are at ease with. The transmission system allows you to choose any speed to fit your needs. A multi-speed bike allows you to ride at various speeds on different terrains while remaining comfortable.


Other features include:


It has Level IPX4 resistance that resists water splashes from any direction.

It has 2 working modes

The weight of the bike is 20kg

Loading capacity is 150 kg

The maximum speed of this bike is 25 km/hour

It has 26 inches wheels

It takes almost 4-6 hours to charge completely

It is suitable for mountain and on-road biking.


Not only is the Ancheer Power Plus mountain bike made of strong aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, but it also has a 21-speed transmission system for more customization. How fast does does a 1000w e bike go.


You can ride it without pedaling or choose to assist for a more intense workout. It would be your all-time favorite motorcycle.


Ancheer 36v 250w electric bicycle is becoming one of the best e-bikes that professionals use because of the benefits it offers to the riders and the experience it gives. If this article was helpful to you in any way, let us know.

Does it come fully assembled? 


The bike comes almost fully assembled, the rest of the parts like the front wheel, pedals, and handlebar. have to be done personally or you can take help from someone. It is easy to do that and you can look at videos to make it easier.


What is the weight of this bike?


The bike is lightweight and both sizes weigh around 11-15 kg.


Are hybrid bikes good for trails? Well, yes they are. You can trust a hybrid bike on trails. So if you found this article helpful in any way, let us know.





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