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Are Genesis Bikes Any Good?


Is The Genesis A Good Brand. Should You Buy A Genesis Bike. Lets DIVE in!

Genesis Brand



The Genesis bike brand is not the largest, however having a smaller team allows the Genesis brand to focus on manufacture and designing bikes larger companies wouldn’t dream of designing.

Genesis way of thinking is that if we enjoy riding It, and we believe that other cycling enthusiasts will too.

Then they will make it.

Genesis’s design team spend a lot of time looking at every detail to ensure they manufacture bikes that offer the rider the best possible riding experience.

The Genesis design and research a lot of materials to make sure they have the best materials for the particular bike.

In addition, the Genesis bikes are designed not for one particular activity but allows the rider to use the bikes daily in many different activities.

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The main benefit to the rider of having the ability to own a bike that can handle the majority of rides.

Genesis combine both design and technology to deliver a bike that the cycling enthusiast is proud to own and love to ride.

To continue our investigation into, Are Genesis bikes any good? We will look at the Genesis history.

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Carbon Fork

Commuter Friendly

Road Tyres



Well Known Respected Bike Brand


Customer Testiominals

Some Great Customer Testimonals

Genesis History


Genesis brand began in 2001 under the Ridgeback brand, the success of the Day One model lead to the Genesis becoming its own label in 2006.

Fast forward ten years and the Genesis bike range expanded to include road, mountain bike, gravel, fat bikes and kid’s bikes. The Genesis brand became well known for using steel tubing and using function over form.

The Genesis has been designed by James Olsen (2005-2011), Dom Thomas (2011-2013) and Albert Steward (2013-2015).

In finding out, Are Genesis bikes any good? We will look at Genesis in 2009.


The Success of the Genesis


The year 2009 seen the launch of Genesis’s most successful model bike Croix del Fer was equipped with a steel drop bar, guards, wide tyres, and disk brakes.

Genesis created the first form of the Gravel bike and the success of the Vin Cox was demonstrated in the Guinness World Record as the fast bike to travel round the world.  

In considering, are Genesis bikes any good? They designed a bike that travelled around the world.

In addition, the Croix de Fers was used by the Montana Iceman to ride across 1,600 miles of coastline in Iceland in just fourteen days.

Furthermore, Harrison Ford was seen riding a Croix de Fer in London while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Fast forward to 2014, the Genesis designed the firs carbon fibr bike for the Genesis road team.

The carbon fibre model was updated in 2015 with a lower weight and better forks.

In considering, are Genesis bikes any good? We will look at Genesis’s sponsorship.

Genesis Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

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Genesis Sponsorship


Genesis have been sponsoring the Madison Genesis road team since 2013.

The Genesis brand are passionate about being a rider’s brand and the research and development team generate their ideas not sat at a desk but on a saddle.

Genesis ethos is about “cycling is about freedom and escape” and every employee are cycling enthusiasts that absolutely love cycling.

One of the Genesis main aim is to encourage cyclists to slow down and explore their local surroundings,

Genesis aim to design and manufacture bikes that help cyclists have a good time and create memories that last a life time. Are Genesis bikes any good?   We will look at the Genesis design.

Genesis Design


An entry level cyclist may think that a Genesis bike may look to simple and plain. However, the Genesis team focus on trends rather than function.

The simplistic design is refreshing for an industry with so many trends and can be perfect for any cyclist enthusiasts buying their first bike.

A successful model is not measured by statistics but by the smile that a rider has once they have finished using the Genesis bike.

In continuing, Are Genesis bikes any good?

We will now look at how the Genesis team design bikes for the cyclist in mind.

Features & Benefits

The Genesis team have designed the “Genesis Equilibrium” to be a stylish road bike.

Designed to offer the rider the best possible riding experience by being comfortable to ride, fast and to do well on a variety of terrain that the rider may be faced with.

If your thinking of buying the Genesis Equilibrium road bike as a commuter option then the rider will be pleasantly surprised with its performance.

Are Genesis bikes any good?

We will now look at the features and benefits of the Equilibrium road bike.

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The Equilibrium is designed with a comfortable saddle for long commutes so the rider will have no problem continuing on their commute.




The Equilibrium is designed to tackle a variety of terrain and is a brilliant multipurpose bike that will offer the rider plenty of grip while they explore the local community.




Carbon is a lightweight durable material that is designed to be strong and offer the rider plenty of support. Having good quality forks will help the rider’s stability on the Equilibrium.




The team at Genesis have ensured that the Equilibrium is ideal for commuting on a daily basis. The Equilibrium comes with a set of Clement strada tyres that will offer the rider plenty of grip.


Using the Genesis Equilibrium on a daily basis to work will be sure to save you money in the long run when you consider the price of petrol, public travel and parking fees.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on, Are Genesis bikes any good? We hope you have found it helpful and informative.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” The Genesis Equilibrium Disc 10 2018 is Ideal For The Ayrshire Coast Cycleway.” Tommy



One of Genesis belief’s is to always have the rider in mind.

The Genesis bike is designed with an impressive set of kit, however the main emphasis is make sure the rider is happy with the Genesis bikes performance and they cannot wait to use it again.

Designed the give the rider a feel of a brand-new bike when you have on countless rides.

The Genesis brand produces bikes that offer durability, versality, comfort, reliability and affordability


British Design Team


If your hoping to use your brand-new Genesis bike in Britain, then you would be happy to know that the Genesis bikes are designed in the UK.

The main benefit of purchasing a bike that has been designed by a research team that are familiar with the practicalities of riding in the unpredictable British weather.

The frames are put through robust testing to make sure they Genesis bikes offer the best possible riding experience.

One of the ways Genesis have designed bikes with solid and durable frames that will offer the rider plenty of stability and support while riding.

In addition, the road and cross bikes come with eyelets so mudguards can quickly and easily be fitted.

Vital for winter commuters.

Furthermore, feedback from the cycling community is to own a bike that can be easily maintained. With this in mind,

Genesis design bikes featuring internal hub gearing system.

Genesis us Reynold steel to give the rider strength and durability while they ride.

In continuing our investigation into, are Genesis bikes any good we will look at the Genesis Equilibrium 2018 road bike.

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