Wondering where to go on Zwift?

Well, the November Zwift world calendar is here as both a table and an image. There’s plenty to get stuck into.

What’s different from November. Well, the big thing is the pairing of Richmond and London has been removed, so London is again down to six appearances.

Probably the biggest thing is the introduction of Neokyo. I’ve got to say, I’m a massive fan of the nighttime cityscape – it’s like riding around Grand Theft Auto.

Of course, you can ride any course you like but you’ll be on your own. Just follow the instructions under the table below. 

December-Zwift-World-Schedule Zwift Course Calendar for December
Zwift World Schedule December 2021
Date World
1 December Makuri Islands/ New York
2 December Makuri Islands/ New York
3 December Innsbruck/ Richmond
4 December Innsbruck/ Richmond
5 December France/ Paris
6 December France/ Paris
7 December London/ Yorkshire
8 December London/ Yorkshire
9 December London/ Yorkshire
10 December Innsbruck/ Richmond
11 December Innsbruck/ Richmond
12 December Yorkshire/ Innsbruck
13 December Yorkshire/ Innsbruck
14 December Makuri Islands/ New York
15 December Makuri Islands/ New York
Date World
16 December Makuri Islands/ New York
17 December France/ Paris
18 December France/ Paris
19 December Innsbruck/ Richmond
20 December Innsbruck/ Richmond
21 December London/ Yorkshire
22 December London/ Yorkshire
23 December London/ Yorkshire
24 December Makuri Islands/ New York
25 December Yorkshire/ Innsbruck
26 December France/ Paris
27 December Innsbruck/ Richmond
28 December Makuri Islands/ New York
29 December Makuri Islands/ New York
30 December Makuri Islands/ New York
31 December Makuri Islands/ New York

Following a Zwift update in 2019, indoor cyclists have the choice of two worlds. First, is the home world ‘Watopia’, while the second rotates as per the Zwift course calendar below.

One question you might ask is why are we only allowed to access two at a time? The reason for this is simple enough. Basically, there are only so many Zwifters and the platform doesn’t want anyone riding around on their own.

That said, there are ways to get around this. For a start, you can launch an event in any other worlds.

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Zwift World Hack – Launch an event in any Zwift world you choose

The other is to open your Zwift folder (usually found in the Documents folder – if not just search) and open prefs.xml with a text editor like Notepad or Wordpad (this bit is important).

If you add one of the following tags just after “” the file (before opening Zwift), the app will open with you in the appropriate world. You will have it all to yourself.


Alternatively, the other option is to create a Meetup via Zwift Companion. That way you can ride the world and course you want.

Watopia, add: <WORLD>1</WORLD>
Richmond, add: <WORLD>2</WORLD>
London, add:<WORLD>3</WORLD>
New York, add:<WORLD>4</WORLD>
Innsbruck, add: <WORLD>5</WORLD>
Bologna, add: <WORLD>6</WORLD>
Yorkshire, add: <WORLD>7</WORLD>

If you want a schedule to what courses are coming up this month on Zwift, here’s what’s occurring:

The Zwift courses and what they entail


Ok, first up, this does not appear in the world schedule. But you will see it in time trial events.

It is a recreation of this year’s Giro prologue and forms two parts. First off there’s a run through the city featuring cobbles.

Then there’s the highlight, a tasty climb up to the finish hitting around 12%. 

zwift-bologna-1024x864 Zwift Course Calendar for December
Bologna has a great climb


This is a replica of the Worlds Course from 2015 that was won by Sagan.

The bulk of the 10.1-mile course is flat. However, there is a short sharp climb near the end. After that there is a long drag up to the finish – this is where most of the damage occurs if you’re racing.

richmond Zwift Course Calendar for December


This is the World’s course (or at least part of it) from 2018. The one that was sadly won by Piti.

The circuit is actually just the end of the route and does not take into account the 85km to get there.

The dominant feature is a 7.8-mile climb with an average gradient of around 6%. Interestingly, the actual route featured a 25% gradient, which is outside the capability of most smart trainers.

innsbruck-zwift-1024x864 Zwift Course Calendar for December


Speaking personally, this is my least favourite course. Probably, the fact it goes past my work has something to do with it.

It’s quite flat although it goes out into the Surrey Hills. It does not reflect the London 2012 course – a massive chunk of South London is missing.

Leith Hill and Box Hill are also significantly easier to climb in real life.

london-zwift Zwift Course Calendar for December


New York

New York is an anomaly. I’ve been there and I don’t remember cycleways in the sky – although it’s a great idea.

The futuristic world was launched in 2018 and sports one the hardest gradients in Zwift – 19%. There are six routes with the hardest featuring a 22-mile route with 525 metres of climbing.

New-York-Zwift Zwift Course Calendar for December
New York



Another English course. This one is the scene for this year’s Worlds featuring a condensed form of the route through the Yorkshire Dales before hitting Harrogate’s town circuit.

Zwift has said the Harrogate end of the course is one of its most accurate, with the roads based on GPX data. So, it will be as near as identical to the actual route.


Harrogate-zwift Zwift Course Calendar for December

Makuri Islands

The latest Zwift Island and set up for the Toyko Olympics (although it’s not Tokyo). This course is smaller than the others – the longest course is under 20km. Although there is a nice hill in the middle.

makuri-2-1-1024x734 Zwift Course Calendar for December

Paris/ France

Well this one was a while coming. While Covid-19 took away the Tour de France (or at least kicked it down the road) Zwift put together it’s own version for pro riders.

As of August, normal riders have access to it. Highlights include a ride along the Champs Elysee and, best of all, a duplicate of Mont Ventoux.

france Zwift Course Calendar for December

Ride On!

This should be all you need to know to get into the world you want. We all have our favourite worlds but remember if it’s one you don’t like you can always change it. 

Also go here if you are interested in setting up a Zwift group ride. 

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