The bike charity Raleigh Community Kickstand, or just Kickstand for short, is a four year-old project organized under Oaks & Spokes, a 501(c)(3) engaged in fostering cycling in Raleigh.

Kickstand channels donated bicycles to low-income and homeless members of our community whose lives can be improved with a safe, functioning bicycle.  Our volunteer team refurbishes the donated bikes, adding whatever parts and service are required to bring each bike up to safe rideable condition for placement with eligible recipients.

Sometimes a bike just needs to be cleaned, lubed, adjusted and safety tested. Sometimes we deem it worthwhile to do heavier work to redeem a promising high quality bike, replacing shifters, derailleurs, brakes, tires and more. We operate with supplies of parts and materials purchased in bulk with donated funds.

Bike Charity Kickstand has placed several hundred bikes and is going strong.

Recently we entered into an informal partnership with Step Up Ministry, a nonprofit that offers struggling Raleigh residents a path to a better life.  The Step Up process includes placing their clients in a job, then a demanding classroom curriculum to aid in life stability and career growth.

Step Up’s clients are eager to be considered for a well serviced, ride-ready bike.  Some will use their new (to them) bike for transportation to work.  Others see an exciting new form of exercise or a chance to enjoy the outdoors with their children.

At events this summer, we placed 24 bikes, and here are four recipients ready to roll!

Bike Charity NC bike charity bicycle donation by bike charity bike give away

We who volunteer with the bike charity Kickstand love coming to Step Up, because the clients are thrilled to get a bike and eager to get rolling.  A great way to pass a Saturday morning for all of us.

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