We are following the weather forecast along our perimeter cycling route…it is cold!! We are happy to tell you that we are not cycling through snow in Texas but instead are basking in the sun in the Bahamas.

Catamaran in the Bahamas

So you thought this was a cycling blog? Yes, we are still on target, but we keep taking these side trip adventures. Some of you know that we are both nurses and have taken two side trips to volunteer as nurses through Samaritans Purse in the Covid crisis. After returning from working night shift in California, we cycled for three days and then once again stored our bikes. This time the bikes are nestled in a storage shed in Mississippi. We are in the Bahamas on a Catamaran!

Bruce’s sister and her husband are sailing their 42 foot Lagoon Catamaran in the Bahamas. We flew from Mississippi to Nassau to join them for a month as they sail south down the Exuma Cays. We may never have an opportunity like this where we are not both working jobs and have the freedom to adventure with them on their boat.

As I write, we are anchored at Blank Point settlement on Great Guana Cay. The water is brilliant aqua in color and wonderfully comfortable to jump in to. The sun sets each night, golden and warm over the water and we watch it while sitting on the deck eating dinner. We are relaxing and soaking up each moment. Watching your weather in the north, we are both sympathetic and grateful to not be there with you!

We plan to resume our cycling around the first week of March. I hope things have warmed up in Texas by then! I posted a few pictures to warm you up while you sit around the fire!

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