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Also known as a stationary bike, an exercise bike is a convenient gym equipment that offers immense cardio benefits to athletes and those looking to maintain a healthy body.

Although it’s usually overlooked, a stationary bike is very convenient as it allows you to exercise right in the comfort of your home.

Now, some people might prefer to do the actual cycling outside. However, following the amount of restrictions put in place in recent times, a stationary bike becomes an incredible option for burning calories, increasing muscle tone, and strengthening the lower body.

But, with so many options already in the market, picking the right exercise bike that meets your specific workout needs will be quite overwhelming. For that reason, this guide has come to your rescue to discuss at least five categories of exercise bikes that you can consider.

But First, What are Some Benefits of Exercise Bikes?

best stationary bike
  • Boosts Cardio Fitness: Cycling is an effective way of strengthening your cardiovascular system. It helps to improve blood and oxygen circulation and also improves the supply of energy around the body. As a result, you’ll enjoy better sleep, better mood, reduced stress, and low chances of getting high blood pressure.
  • Weight Loss: Depending on your workout routine, a stationary bike, especially an air bike, can help you burn more calories, which is essential in losing weight.
  • Low Impact Workout: If you’re a senior, or maybe you’re recovering from an injury such as a fracture, a stationary bike can offer a low-impact workout that can allow you to exercise without putting too much strain on the affected parts.
  • Strengthens Body Muscles: The last benefit of a stationary bike is that it helps you to build strength especially in the lower body. This includes the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors.

So, Which are the Best Exercise Bikes to Train on in 2021?

1. Upright Bike

Which Stationary Bike is Best to Train on? 169Which Stationary Bike is Best to Train on? 170

The first exercise bike you can consider for your daily workouts is an upright bike. These stationary bikes are common in most homes and gymnasiums as they offer an affordable way of exercising your body. These stationary bikes are similar to regular bikes with seats and pedals positioned under the body.

The best thing about upright bikes is that they’re excellent low-impact options that help to strengthen your legs and improve muscle tone in the lower body. A good example of an upright bike is the Schwinn 130 Upright Series Bike and the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714.

The best thing about these two stationary bikes is that they’re made using a durable steel frame that supports a higher weight limit. They also have fully adjustable seats and handlebars that make them usable for anyone.

2. Recumbent Bikes

Which Stationary Bike is Best to Train on? 171Which Stationary Bike is Best to Train on? 172

A recumbent bike is very different from an upright bike in so many ways. First, the seat is reclined in a position that supports your back when exercising. The handlebars are right next to your arms while the pedals sit right in front of you.

Built to offer ample comfort, recumbent bikes are best suited to those people recovering from joints, upper body, and lower body injuries. Among the best recumbent bikes you can consider for low-impact exercises are the Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike NS-716R and the MaxKare Recumbent Exercise Bike.

The best thing about these two exercise bikes is that they have ergonomic handles, wide seats, and comfortable backrests that support seniors and injured people exercising on a bike.

3. Air Bikes

Which Stationary Bike is Best to Train on? 173Which Stationary Bike is Best to Train on? 174

If you’re looking to challenge your body with more intense workouts, perhaps you can consider the convenience offered by an air bike. Unlike regular bikes, the air bike consists of two upright handles that protrude right up to your chest. Unlike in regular bikes, the handles in air bikes move independently making it easier to work out your entire body.

Another notable difference with air bikes is the oversized wheelsat the center that resemble an electric fan. The purpose of this wheel is actually to offer resistance when peddling. So, the faster you peddle, the harder you’ll have to work to overcome the challenge.

The best thing about air bikes is that they offer full-body workouts both on the upper and lower body. They also help to build muscles and burn calories thus making them the best for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). If this is what you’re looking for, then you can consider the Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike and the Assault Airbike Classic.

4. Spin Bikes

Which Stationary Bike is Best to Train on? 175Which Stationary Bike is Best to Train on? 176

One thing about stationary bikes is that they look pretty much the same. However, some unique qualities set them apart. In the case of spin bikes, the stationary flywheel is what makes the big difference.

In most cases, the large flywheel is set at the front while the pedals sit at the back to resemble a regular bike. The flywheel is usually heavy and it’s responsible for providing the resistance that mimics the experience of riding a bicycle in the outdoors.

So, if you’re intending to lose weight, burn calories, or workout the lower body, then perhaps you can consider the YOSUDA Indoor Spin Bike or the NordicTrack S22i Spin Bike.

5. Desk Bikes

Which Stationary Bike is Best to Train on? 177Which Stationary Bike is Best to Train on? 178

Last but not least, we have desk bikes. Although these types of stationary bikes won’t take you anywhere, they offer a convenient way of studying, working, or watching TV while exercising your body. While most of these exercise bikes come in the form of under-desk bikes, there are times when you might get a bike and chair plus desk combination.

But, regardless of what you get, the best thing about desk bikes is that they offer immense health benefits such as burning calories, improving blood flow, preventing diabetes, and lowering the sparks of arthritis.

So, if you’re a student or an office worker looking for a desk bike, then you can consider the FitDesk Under-Desk Bike, the Flexispot Desk Bike, or the ExerpeuticExerWork 1000 Desk Station.


So, which is the best stationary bike to train on? Well, the answer simply depends on your fitness goals. As you can see, there are so many variations of exercise bikes on the market. From foldable designs, under-desk variants to upright and recumbent bikes, your choice is highly influenced by what you need to achieve.

In this guide, we’ve managed to narrow down our options by discussing five common types of exercise bikes. In each category, we’ve highlighted at least two bikes you can consider. At least with this type of information, picking a specific bike that will meet your exact fitness goals will be easier than ever.

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