Muscular Endurance, Time-Crunched Training, Hard Starts and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 343

Amber and Nate are back! Join us for a discussion on what muscular endurance actually is, how to train it, and how it makes you a faster and more capable athlete, as well as discussions on time-crunched training, avoiding blowing up at the beginning of rides and much more.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Updates from Nate and Amber!
  • Update from Ivy on her Singlespeed podium at CX Nats!
  • Guide to using TrainerRoad to plan a season of training
  • What is muscular endurance and how does it make you more capable?
  • How to train as a new parent and/or with limited time
  • Rapid Fire questions
  • How to avoid blowing up at the beginning of rides and races
  • Training for long and short races/rides

Resources mentioned in this episode

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Successful Athletes Podcast

Science of Getting Faster Podcast

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