The Best Insurance Plans for Cycle Touring & Bikepacking – AXA, Allianz, WorldNomads & More

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What’s the best cycling travel insurance? Bikepacking or long term cycle touring insurance plans from WorldNomads, Allianz, E.T.I., Axa, World-FIRST reviewed

Just as with every travel or transportation, cycling has its risks too no matter how minimal.

There might be accidents that may either affect you or others. Although you don’t wish them to happen, they do occur, and when they do, they may have some significant negative impact on your general living.

They may especially take a toll on your finances – you have to treat yourself and/or others involved in the accident. You also have to fix or replace your precious bike.

However, you do not need to worry about this, as this has been taken care of. There is an array of insurance services whose aim is to keep you financially protected during your cycling and bikepacking tours.

Cycle Tour Insurance

bicycle touring insurance

Cycle touring insurance protects you financially against risks that might ensue during cycle tours. Such risks may include accidents or theft.

The particular risks covered under a cycle tour insurance plan will differ based on the type of plan you go for. For one, there are Bicycle Insurance plans, just as you have automobile insurance.

These mainly cover your bike and provide financial protection in the case of accident, damage or theft. They are quite limited as they may not protect you or a third-party during an accident.

On the other hand, there are general travel insurance plans that cater for both short cycling holidays and long-distance bike journeys.

However, these are limited as well as they will most likely not provide insurance for your expensive bike stolen or damaged during a holiday tour.

Also, backpacking is also covered under some of those insurance plans. As we can see, bike touring insurance can be somewhat complicated, but we provide a useful guide here.

Factors to Consider when choosing cycle touring insurance

cycling travel insurance

Just as already mentioned, backpacking insurance is far from straightforward. There are many things to look into in order to get the most beneficial plan:

  1. Cycle Touring as main part of tour or incidental to tour?

Is cycle touring going to be the main activity during your tour? Or is it going to just be a minor part of the tour?

This may go a long way in determining the insurance company and the plan you end up with.

This is because most companies provide travel insurance cover when cycle touring is just “one of those” activities you do on tour.

However, most do not provide a cover when a cycle tour forms a major part of your travel.

  • Length of your cycle tour

How long will your cycle tour last? For most providers that offer some form of cycle tour insurance, the period covered is usually limited.

Usually, the coverage lasts for tours between two to fourteen days, or at best, a little longer.

The 6 Best Cycle Touring Insurances

cycling holiday insurance

The list of firms providing one form of insurance cover for backpacking or the other is somewhat endless. Thus, it can be quite difficult searching through multiple offers to get the best deal for you.

However, we have got you covered. Here, we list some highly recommended cycle touring insurance providers, as well as details that you should know:

1. WorldNomads

cycling travel insurance

Available in over 130 countries, WorldNomads has one of the largest coverage amongst backpacking insurance companies.

WorldNomads’ insurance policy is highly flexible. For one, you can take up the policy entirely online. Also, it covers a wide variety of activities that you may engage in while on tour.

Although it does not allow for intercontinental travel, there are still ways around that. You can always take on the policy online when you have already traveled. Furthermore, there is a “worldwide” policy, which however costs quite a sum.

2. Allianz

cycle touring insurance

Allianz SE is a Germany-based but global-focused general insurance service provider with packages for cycle touring and backpacking.

To enjoy the full benefits of Allianz’s services as regards cycle touring, you may need to take up two different plans: one bicycle insurance and another travel insurance policy.

Allianz provides two variants of a bicycle insurance policy that covers, amongst other things, theft, robbery, bicycle assistance, damage (in the case of burglary, robbery or theft), vandalism.

The main benefits of this include breakdown service in the case of need for repairs, coverage even where there is deliberate damage, and much more.

Then there is the travel insurance for leisure and sports activities policy which caters for activities such as cycling, motorcycling, scuba-diving and many other extreme sports. Packages include single, annual and backpacking plans.

The services that are covered include medical cover, loss, theft or damage of personal possessions, personal accident cover, personal liability and legal fees.

3. Explorer Travel Insurance

cycle touring travel insurance

Explorer Travel Insurance is based in the UK. As the name suggests, it focuses on insuring travels with plans for single trips, multi-trip plans for the entire year, and plans for specific types of travels such as cruise travels, amongst which is a plan for backpackers.

The Explorer Backpacker Travel Insurance is one of the most extensive, as you can get up to 18 months of coverage.

It covers an array of activities from skiing to mild water sports. You should note that it only caters for ultrashort cycle tours, which should not last more than 14 days cumulatively over the course of the plan.

If you sign up for this, you get access to up to £10 million worth of medical expenses covered, cover for theft, loss, damage of bike and other personal luggage, amongst others.

4. Axa Travel Insurance

cycling travel insurance

Axa is a large insurance conglomerate based in the UK, but whose services span the globe. There are a few things to note about taking up backpacking insurance with Axa. Axa’s cycle insurance is offered as part of its standard travel insurance; it is not a standalone plan.

Furthermore, you should note that for you to be insured for cycle touring, it must have been added to your insurance certificate from the time you took up the plan. Finally, the standard plan only permits cycle touring of up to 2 days. To be able to go cycling for more than 2 days, you will need to pay some additional premium.

5. World-FIRST

travel insurance bike touring

World First is also a UK-based, comprehensive travel insurance service provider, with global presence. It features quite a wide array of services revolving around travel insurance.

Just like with others, its cover for cycle touring, amongst other sports, is a part of its travel insurance package.

However, you will have to provide additional premium. The World-FIRST covers existing and new medical conditions, top-quality customer service and personal belongings and gear.

6. Safety Wings

Safety Wings is a new entry in this bike touring insurance article – and it enters full-speed with one of the best travel insurance policies for cycling.

Their plans are specifically designed for nomads, meaning people that are abroad for a very long time.

Their interface makes it very easy to calculate your premium and get all the info about what’s included in the insurance coverage.

A great advantage is the possibility to sign up for SafetyWing insurance even if your journey has already started. They also cover expats worldwide with their convenient global health insurance starting at 185USD per month.

Top Tips When Getting Cycle Tour Insurance

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Some of the tips we list here will assist in helping you get the best deal for your cycle tour insurance.

  • You are “King”

The insurance industry is a lucrative, yet highly competitive one. Thus, as the “customer,” you have a lot of leverage. You can get to negotiate your plan with your insurance company of choice, and you can even do that over the phone, without a need for any visit.

  • Think Long-term

It is recommended that you go for plans with longer coverage periods. This will definitely save you some more money in addition to the longer lasting protection it will provide.

  • Go for the plan that reflects your preferences

Are you going on this trip mainly for cycle touring? Or cycle touring is just one of the many things you do? Then, are you a fan of other sports, apart from backpacking? These you should consider when taking up your insurance policy.


cycling travel insurance

Health boost. Fun. Enjoyment. Mental Reinvigoration. These and more you get during a cycle tour, whether short or long.

However, as with every other venture or activity, there are risks. You can, however, protect yourself against most of the risks by securing a cycle tour or backpacking insurance.

However, the insurance services out there differ in their offerings. Therefore, you need to consider some factors in choosing. We have helped you with that.

Bearing the fact that there are numerous providers, we have also helped in selecting some of those that come highly recommended.

Choose the one of your choice and go get stress-free pleasure on your tour.

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