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Muddyfox Anarchy 300 Mountain Bike


Is Muddyfox a good brand? We look a closer look at the brand.

Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 300 Mountain Bike

One of the most significant ways to spend some time outdoors is on a bicycle. It’s a chance to get some fresh air, clear your mind, and get more in tune with nature.

Biking is an activity you can enjoy with your friends and your family. If you’re looking for an excellent bike for your kid, then you may want to try out the Muddyfox Anarchy 300 Mountain Bike.

Biking is one the best way to get your kids to come to enjoy the outdoors.

However, getting the right bike can be a complicated process. If you’re not familiar with bikes and the features of an impressive bike, you may get overwhelmed with all the amount of choices that are available. are muddyfox bikes any good?

Muddyfox Anarchy 300

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 300 Mountain Bike





HardTail Mountain Biking Steel Frame

24 Shimano Gears

MTB Tyres


What Can The Anarchy 300 Be Used For?

For Hardcore Mountain Biking Cycling Enthusiasts


Muddyfox Brand

A Respected English Bike Brand

 Anarchy 300 Mountain Bike

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Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 300 Mountain Bike

The Muddyfox Anarchy 300 Mountain Bike comes with a hardtail mountain bike frame made from alloy.

The mountain bike frame makes the bike sturdier and more capable of handling both rough (either muddy or hilly) and smooth, paved terrains. It also comes equipped with zoom steel suspension fork.

The suspension forks come with hydraulic shock absorbers that help to absorb the jarring impact you’ll typically experience in rough terrains to give you a more comfortable ride.

The hydraulic shock gives you better control over your bike when you’re tearing down a harsh environment or road. Where are muddyfox bikes made?


Gear System


Another feature on this bike is the gear system. It comes with 24-speed Shimano Acera gears. The gear system is also fitted with the Shimano Acera E-Z fire shifters.

It also includes a Suntour XCE chainset. The Acera gears allow you to change gears while climbing steep or hilly terrains easily. It gives you a smoother gear shifting process.

The E-Z fire shifter provides the bike with a gear shifter level so when you want to change gears, you pull back on the shifter level instead of having to push or pull a button forward.


The Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 300 Mountain Bike weighs approximately 15kg after assembly is complete. It is durable and lightweight enough for your child to have no problems carrying it back and forth from house to street.

It has two 26-inch quick release alloy wheels, giving your bike a better grip on the road.

The handlebars are MTB alloy handlebars, which gives you better control over your bike. It also has an Alloy A-Head Handlebar Stem.


Size of bike


The Anarchy 300 comes in different sizes, so the inside leg measurements are different.

The 18-inch frame has a 28 – 34-inch leg size. The 20-inch frame has a 30 – 36 leg measurement, while the 22-inch frame has an inside leg measurement of 31 – 37 inches.

The Anarchy 300 is suitable for kids 12 and above. A comfortable bike isn’t too big or too small for them. are Muddyfox  bmx bikes any good?

  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 90%
  • Build Quality – 92%

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Customer Satisfaction

This Muddyfox Anarchy 300 has been praised by parents and kids alike. People who have picked this bike up have been incredibly excited to gift the bike to their young ladies.

This bike is stylish, but it’s not too flashy. Some bikes can get a little carried away with girly designs.

The great part about the fashion aspect is that the bike is trendy.

However, the young lady won’t outgrow its simplistic design. It’s a bike that’s fun to ride, and it’s cute enough to hit the mark with girls around town.

The bike is also well liked for giving parents a quick and easy assembly.

It only takes a few minutes to put together, and once it’s up and running the bike is safe and secure.

Some bikes can have complicated instructions that leave parents worried about whether the bike was safely put together.

Common Questions


Is the item durable?


The Muddyfox men’s anarchy 300 Mountain bikes can last for years, as the design was made comfortable for kids so that they do not get injuries while riding this.

It comes in different frame sizes like; 18, 20, and 22-inch frames. This means that if a particular format isn’t a perfect fit for your kids, you can always return it and get one of the other forms. The anarchy 300 was designed for kids ages and up.


What is the total weight?


The bike was made easy to use, that it could give comfort to kids while they use it. It weighs about 15kg so that it can fit in the trunk of your car, and your kid can easily carry it to the tracks.


Is it cumbersome?


The weight of the bike will never be a problem for any kid, as the Anarchy 300 is designed in a very comfortable manner only for kids.

The essential things that are to keep in mind are you must ensure you kid wears the proper equipment before he goes out on this bike.

More advice for using Muddyfox 24″ Sniper boys Hardtail Mountain bike is double to make sure everything works correctly and is in excellent condition.

If you get something odd, try to fix it so that your kid does not get hurt when he goes out with this bike.

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  • An ideal bike to help your kid navigate the roughest terrains with ease.
  • You can adjust both seat and handlebars so anyone can enjoy this bike
  • Muddyfox Anarchy 300 Mountain Bike comes in different sizes so all your big kids can have one to call their own.


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