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Pros and Cons Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes


Thinking about buying a full suspension mountain bike. We look at the pros and cons. 


In looking at the Pros and Cons of full Suspension Mountain Bikes.

We will look at your options. If you are shopping for a mountain bike, it would be wise to take time to consider your options.

In case, you have decided to go for a suspension mountain bike, take time to learn about what you are getting into.

For example, it comes with a fork up front and rear shock, and this is the big difference between the full-suspension bike and a hardtail.

The type of suspension determines the bike’s control, traction, as well as the overall comfort.

Considering the advantages and downsides of the suspension bike is as good as comparing it to the hardtail. In finding out the Pros and Cons of full Suspension Mountain Bikes.

We will look at the pros. Check out our beginners guide to mountain biking.




Since mountain biking is a rough adventure, you need to be ready for the sport. It does not mean you have to suffer through the tough ordeal, however. Suspensions make the ride smoother to avoid jarring your body a lot during the bumpy ride.

You will be on your bike more than using hardtail users who have to stand to pedal for quite a lengthy part of their trail.


Extra Traction


Since the dual suspension keeps the wheels on the ground, you will be achieving extra traction, especially on rough terrain. The full suspension mountain bike makes it possible to make fast corners while retaining stability. With extra traction, there is a risk for spills.

The enhanced grip ensures you are safe to make manoeuvres when need be; without the fear of any losing control of the bike easily.


Safe Jumps


Enjoying a mountain biking ride cannot be complete without the jumps. These are the highlights of any good ride except when the landings become tricky. Uneven grounds offer the greatest challenge to jumps.

A full suspension bike absorbs extra impact when landing to make it easier to keep control of the bike. You can also enjoy the comfort when landing so you won’t have to be rising from the seat every other time.


Downhill Speed


Although you need more effort on the uphill sections, downhill stretches are an easy flow. More importantly, the rear suspension means you will be maintaining full control of your bike even at the highest speeds. Downhill mountain biking advice.


Extra Fun


Rides will be more enjoyable with a full suspension mountain bike. This means you will have the urge to ride for longer without getting tired. You can spare some more time to do some tricks such as make descend high speeds and take corners faster.

You can also attempt more difficult terrains and try out things you would not possibly do. You may also take leisure rides without feeling a single bump.


Ability to Conquer Technical Terrains


The suspension mountain bike is designed to conquer tough terrains if you are daring enough. You can go over roots, rock gardens, for a fun ride. They are built for the technical challenging trails, which cannot be taken by amateur mountain bikers.

The combination of front and rear suspensions create smoother rides with improved traction and handling.

Rough terrain is, therefore, the place to go with your suspension mountain bike. In our investigation in Pros and Cons of full Suspension Mountain Bikes we will look at the cons. How to tackle technical on the trail.





There are excess material and oil on the bike adding to the overall weight cumulatively. This means you have to push uphill extra weight. You will not want to go far into a trail with this kind of weight.


Extra Energy Required

With extra weight means extra energy required. This translates into the need for more pedalling to boost the chances of moving fluidly.


Fewer Jumps

You will not be doing a lot of theatrics for fun with the double suspension bikes. They are less snappy thanks to their feature, which makes them ‘eat’ on the terrain.


Not Good For Learning

The full suspension bike is not considered a good one for newbies. It requires expertise to control and a little experience in mountain bikes hence the wrong choice for a person who wants to learn from scratch. It helps the rider a lot in technical trails because it is forgiving.


Complicated Frame

Most full suspension bikes come with a complicated frame, which requires more maintenance thanks to the many points of failure.




Full suspension bikes are a great innovation for mountain biking enthusiasts. If you love the wild trails filled with rocky terrains and paths with roots, you will enjoy your full suspension bike. It is built to take the rider deep into the technical meanders and retain comfort for a longer ride.

This innovation will be loved for a long time because it is the best a mountain biker would want to use in unfamiliar terrains. It is forgiving, comfy, and easy to maintain control even after jumps and corners.

Perhaps its speed is the most attractive thing about it. The design is loved because of its ability to maintain high control at high speeds. In evaluating Pros and Cons of full Suspension Mountain Bikes we will look at a popular full suspension mountain bikes.

Pro Rider Ferrite 21 Speed Full Suspension Ladies Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Pro Rider Ferrite 21 Speed Full Suspension Ladies Mountain Bike



Steel Frame

21 Shimano Gear

MTB Tyres

Customer Rating

Respectable Three Stars


Why Should You Buy?

Great Value

Pro Rider Ferrite 21 Speed Full Suspension Ladies Mountain Bike Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Features & Benefits

The main benefits of the Pro Rider Ferrite 21 mountain bike include:

Provision of suspension forks from Zoom brand along with a unit for rear shock absorption to brings out a reliable and comfortable ride in any terrain.

The Shimano 21 speed gear system provided along with the derailleur from the same maker on the front and rear section of the bike to help in superior speed boosts.

The super light gear shifters of revo-shift action are greatly beneficial for increased grip over the bike.

Promising long life and superb control of changing gears due to the provision of KMC drive chain.

Users do not need to worry about the braking features as the disc brake calipers can ensure safety in any condition. The rotors further add to the feature.

The riders can stay assured of staying clean and dry due to the provision of mudguards for both the wheels. Weather will not be affecting your ride any more.

The Pro Rider Ferrite 21 Speed Full Suspension Ladies Mountain Bike comes with many salient features that make it a popular choice among women riders. The main features include:

Suspension fork and rear shock unit

21 speed gear system for smooth and fast rides

Special KMC drive chain

Clarks CMD11 disc brakes for better traction on road

26” wheel size

Superior quality tyres for better grip on all kinds of terrain

Considering the Pros And Cons Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes.

The Pros Definitely outweigh  the cons of full suspension bikes.

  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 95%

”  I Cant Wait To Test Ride The Pro Rider Ferrite 21 Speed Full Suspension Ladies Mountain Bike On Our Trip To Scotland.” Annie


Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it is the best choice available in the range of women’s mountain bikes. It is an option that can be considered for users from all age range – for someone who is a first timer to someone who is a pro.

You may like our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes.

The Pro Rider Ferrite 21 Speed Full Suspension ladies mountain bike is a great option to consider as a gift for the young ladies as they will surely be in love with its style, features and looks.

Furthermore, those who are in love with cycling on various terrains vote this cycle to be their top choice product, especially for the superior control, comfort and safety measures that the cycle comes with.

Hopefully the article has helped with the Pros And Cons Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes.


Final Comments


If you are considering to buy this bike for yourself or to gift anyone you love, this is the ultimate option you can come across.

Though the delivery availability and speed may vary depending on your location, it is generally superfast all throughout the UK.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the Pros And Cons Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes and found it helpful and informative.

Common Questions

How good is this bike for on road conditions?

As good as it for climbing the harsh terrains provided you will suffer less pain on a flat road.

How smooth is the gear system for the bike?

The gear shifting is pretty smooth especially due to the high quality chains and gear mechanisms especially designed to make it smoother.

Is it suitable for beginners?

If they can adjust with the height, it is better than most of the other bikes in the market, especially for the incorporation of special features for comforting the riders.

How good is the suspension system?

There is hardly any chance that you will be facing any jerks even during your roughest rides. This is a mountain bike specially designed for the purpose.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The main advantage that the users get with this bike is the ultimate control of the vehicle both off and on road.

Unlike the naked mountain bikes available in the market, it can prevent the riders from catching the dirt as the wheel rolls over mud and the mudguards come into action to stop their rise.

The suspension systems brought in the bike significantly work to make the rides even more comfortable irrespective of the terrains.

Even the wheels are of optimum size for women among all age group, with a special front bar design to let them board and de-board the bike with ease.

The only thing that could be developed in the model is the provision of training wheels for the kids.

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