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10 Tips for Mountain Biking in Winter



If you make more effort than survival when temperatures drop, and want to enjoy the ride in cooler conditions, follow our guide and keep it ‘win’ in the winter. 

It is good to make a mistake when you go for a ride. Winter nights are coming in the city



In many parts of the world of mountain biking, riding is a seasonal thing, where you change the edges for the tires and the bread is brown instead of white.

‘Cold’ days on a bike means shower proofing or throwing on a long sleeve top while you ride a gondola.

For others, more winters mean fewer days, colder temperatures and more saturated routes, which can withstand the weather.

When you first think of mountain bike riding in the winter, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the romantic vision of a heavy-duty rider battling snow in 17 base layers.

Is this true? In the UK, you are likely to experience mud, snow, cold winds and perpetual darkness. Top Mountain biking trails in the uk

But don’t let that exciting thought overwhelm you. Here are our tips on how to prepare for every event you have on your bike in the winter.

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Get gloves


Do not postpone them throughout the year. Anytime. Not during the ride. Not when you are fixing flats.

When you are not having dinner with your mom … pound for pound, gram for gram, gloves are the best you can buy this season.


If you already have a pair of mountain biking gloves to wear throughout the year, invest in a pair designed not only for grip but to keep you warm.



When you know that in winter you will try to avoid slipping off the sidewalk for most of the day, you need as much grip as possible.

This means driving a little slower, but it also helps to get some air out of your tires. Do not reduce your tire pressure too little or you may be exposed to pinch flats.

A little wind blows. Do some experiments to find out what feels right to you.


Be serious about your Bike Lighting



Most bike lights these days can be charged via USB instead of a battery. This is a very great thing. This will save you a little bit of luck on AAA batteries and also reduce waste. 

This means that if you run out of battery in the middle of the ride you will not be able to put in a new set and continue riding.

Finally, before going out in the dark you need to make sure your bike light is properly charged. Make sure your bike light is properly charged before going out in the dark.

You know your local trails well, but the process of navigating home through the woods without bike lights is no less dangerous. Tips for Mountain biking at night


Dress properly



It’s a little obvious, but you should dress appropriately when you’re on a winter ride. The hardest part is, it doesn’t mean you always like your hottest things.

If you are properly prepared for a trip on your mountain bike in the winter, it should be a little cool when you walk out your door.

If you are not, within five or ten minutes of starting your ride, you are likely to languish like a tired dog in the sauna. Key layers. Bring a bag.

Wear a base layer, riding jersey, mid-layer, wool, and packable waterproof jacket if possible — then you can remove the layer as you warm up.

Waterproof socks and bib tights under baggy shorts can also help keep you warm.


Drink water


It may be cold. You may not be particularly thirsty. The idea of ​​drinking any liquid with a temperature below 185 C may not be appealing.

But even though you are a cool person, you are still human. Remember to drink water or you will quickly lose your energy and feel light or dizzy. Cycling nutrition advice.


Protect your Eyes


The idea of ​​wearing goggles may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but when you hit the left, right, and middle, thank your lucky stars for bringing them on.

If it needs a slightly clearer day, you can stay away with glasses‌, but if it is super muddy, the glasses will not take out the mud.

Both glasses and gloves keep air away from your eyes and prevent the moisture of each bead from flowing into your body.

Make sure you have clear lenses so you can still see where you are going – always an important part of riding a mountain bike, we found.


If you are not overconfident, consider flats instead of clips


However, you can wear flat shoes throughout the year.

With the idea of ​​going to flats for the winter, you can ride clipless on the floor in your living room and spit.

Very good. What we are saying is that if you are a little apprehensive about-facing slippery winter conditions, or you do not know how loose the sidewalk can be, switch to flats and use dirty paired paddles.

It is never right to think the worst.

You have more control and, if necessary, you can also take a safe deposit.


Use your speed


The winter riding myth is that it always passes through hard snow or pure white snow, but this is not naturally true.

Most mountain biking you do in the winter can be on soft ground, either through wet patches and mud or even through terrain covered with melted snow.

This means you have to use your speed deeper than usual, so you can easily travel through the trail.

Of course, this advice should be formulated if it is a solid snow day.

On those rides, take it slow, be smart and careful and choose your lines to make as many obstacles and jumps as possible predictable.


Know your root


We’re not saying you should only adhere to the trails you know when traveling in the winter.

It can be fun to go out often and try something new, but if you’ve going to do it, make sure you’re done with your research – and you’ve finished your ride well, that time will not be dark if you are running it, or things may sketch.

Even if you do research, in real life things can be different online or on the map and without the benefit of being able to see where you are, you are likely to get to the hardest place.  How to a cycling adventure.

 If you can, try to find new ways to deal with previously made friends.

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Motivate Yourself


The hardest thing about winter mountain biking is not being on your bike, finding your way in the dark, or keeping your hands warm.

It is inspiring to walk out the door to get started. Especially if you watch Chase on Repeat with hot chocolate.

Motivate yourself with a new group (check if your local bike shop has regular rides), try a new route in your local mountain range, or see some more mountain bike modifications than usual. If all else fails, leave your mountain bike in the aisle where you will be blamed for not crossing it every day.




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  • Presence of a steel frame.
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  • Leaving outside in the rain and / or snow can cause rust on the frame.
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Frequently asked questions


How do I adjust the stem’s length and hand bar’s angle?


The screws covering these bodies are removable and can be placed back. Just loosen  the screws and adjust the stem’s and the handbar’s length.


Why removable battery?


Removable battery enables the user to remove the battery and charge with hassle-free.


Why steel materials preferred?


Steel makes the bike stronger enough to take up any arduous obstacles and climbs.




Looking for an energetic, dependable and long-lasting bike, it can really be a great task to figure-out. That’s the greater ambition of bike’s manufacturer, to be one most sought after brand for your comfort.

The electric-bound, rechargeable battery bike can be your best companion on your mountain trip.

No matter the difficulties in selecting a bike may be, the brand design and special features  are  a big  talking  point  to  assure  you  that,  “ANCHEER bike” is the perfect and great choice for a better and long-lasting experience.

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